Sea Breeze dive center offer both shore & boat diving. our all weather dive boat - Sea Breeze gives you the chance to reach all dive sites in aqaba specially those not accessible from the shore. our purpose built dive boat is 21 meters long and can comfortable accommodate up to 35 persons. it has a freshwater shower, toilet, inner hall, 3 cabins with six beds, a kitchenette, large sun deck and a spacious dive deck. our team are highly qualified to insure a safe, comfortable and unique experience to our guests. a full- service scuba and snorkeling center.

At the Sea Breeze dive center we strive to be the absolute best in the region.

Our diving center offers high quality services to divers throuhout the world. We offer diving excursions to certified divers, and training for all levels from begin- ners to experienced divers. people can get to know the enchantments of the read sea safely and easily by donibg their first dives with us. Whether or not it is gear rental, training course, boat and snorkeling trip or travel services, we have the best personnel to meet your need. Stopcby and say, hi . we are strategically located in the heart of city-aqaba at just 20 minutes by car from the south beach where all impressive dive sites exist.

It is time to become a scuba professional!

Our courses & certifications Sea Breeze dive center is certified by the international diving organization PADI and the directors of the diving instructor word association (DIWA) and holds the permits to operate as a dive center and a dive school.

We therefore offer a full range of courses, from discover scuba diving to for people eith special physical needs and challenges in addition to diving courses for kids.

It does not end with just diving all our staff are dan insured pets friendly environment.

Ability to organize special tours and excursion in and around aqaba (petra, wadi rum, the dead sea and more).

Ability to arrange accommodation at different classi- fied sister hotels in aqaba including meet and assist services upon arrival and departure with very special rates.
Let us outfit you all of our scuba equipment are brand new scubaprogear. an intensive monitoring procedures are maintained to insure high level of safety , hygiene and quality of air.

Red Sand & Sea management

Realizes that Aqaba's greatest asset is the Red Sea itself. Where residents can experience some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world, the temperate climate and the gentle water currents have created a perfect environment for the growth of corals and a teeming plethora of marine life.
Knowing scuba diving has increased in recent decades to an extent that scuba diving and the business activity supporting it have become important tourism sectors stimulating a billion-dollar global industry, Sea Breeze Dive Club has been established in a PADI Dive Resort, the technical potential of our company consists of professional divers, who have the necessary licenses

Why Dive In Aqaba

It’s no wonder that the Red Sea is a major hot spot for scuba diving and snorkeling when you consider the rich variety of its underwater ecosystem. It is home to more than 1,200 species of fish, including 44 species of sharks. Nearly 20% of these are found only in the Red Sea. The red sea is warm enough to visit throughout the year, with an average water temperature of 66°F, even in December and January. This goes up to an 84°F average in the summer months, making the sea's shallow parts as warm as bath water.

Red Sea is the perfect diving spot , and a plenty of dive sites to choose from, More than 20+ sites are accessible from the shore, Seven Sisters and the Tank is one of the more popular dives. Here divers can visit an American M42 tank, which was scuttled in 1999, next to a beautiful set of pinnacles. The dive starts at 20 feet (6 meters) and drops to 80 feet (24 meters). Furthermore, Japanese Gardens is a gorgeous reef dive that everyone can enjoy.

Filled with health benefits, The Red Sea is approximately 35% saltier than most other seas, which gives it unique health benefits. The saline concentration is believed to improve blood circulation Lost shipwrecks, You won't see just fish when you go diving in the Red Sea – you'll also spot remnants of the sea's past in the form of ghostly shipwrecks. The most famous among them is the SS Thistlegorm, a British steamship that was sunk by German bombers during World War II, but you'll also find tugboats, cargo ships and tankers down in the depths.

Colourful coral reefs This thriving biodiversity is largely due to the sea’s coral reef ecosystem, which stretches for 1,240 miles along the coastline. These reefs are up to 7,000 years old in parts.

Our services

  • We provide sustainable destinations, with good health and safety measures.
  • We provide quality dive environment /An attractive dive destination needs a healthy marine environment, with good visibility and plenty of wildlife.
  • We Promote safety as a fundamental value, complying with all applicable laws and regulations
  • We provide trails information or information packs for specific trips.
  • We provide dive equipment on-site for example, cylinders, regulators, wetsuits, fins and weight belts
  • We provide special interest such as underwater photography or wreck diving
  • Sea Breeze Dive Club issue dive certificates to qualified divers.
  • Sea Breeze Dive Club embrace the PADI System of diver education and offer regular continuing education programs to ensure divers could advance their skills and knowledge. .
  • Training EFR (Emergency First Response) to the staff in Hotels, Schools, University and international corporate such as (Oil &GAS, Airlines etc...)  In Jordan
  • We provide a fleet of diving boats including a private speed boats .
  • We offer night dives which can make a diving package more special. .
  • We offer excellent performance, always on schedule.

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung is the name that introduced the world to scuba diving since the year 1943, the dedication to quality and innovation has led to the manufacture of the world's premier scuba diving equipment for professional and recreational use. For over 70 years, Aqua Lung has given divers of all experience levels the means to live out their underwater endeavours. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of coral reefs or getting up close and personal with a wreck, you’ll always feel prepared and in control with Aqua Lung.